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Clinical supervision and training


  • Spring 2016 - 研究 Methods II
  • Fall 2015 - 研究 on Individual Interventions
  • Fall 2015 - 研究 Practicum
  • Spring 2015 - 研究 Methods in 心理辅导 II
  • Summer 2015 - Topical 研究 in CP: Meta-Analysis


研究 Methods and Measurement

Therapist effects and therapist competence

--Social determinants of psychological outcomes
--Dyadic phenomena in counseling interactions

Group dynamics and group counseling

Positive psychology theory and measurement:
- 饶恕


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  • Goldberg, S.B., Presenter & Author, Hoyt, W.T., Author Only, & Lindemann, A., Author Only (2013). Testing the social microcosm hypothesis: A social relations analysis of group perceptions, 502 Bad Gateway- 188bet体育网站-网站首页


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